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ULF - The BacComber system utilizes the patented Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) in its treatment to effectively increase the water solubility and energy level. This is achieved by the production of time-varying low frequency waves through the BacComber control units.

Scale control - At an increased solubility of the water, calcium and carbonate ions remains in solution instead of precipitating into calcium carbonate hard scale, known as calcite. Therefore, the system effectively controls scale formation at a higher Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) level without compromising the efficiency of the heat exchange media.

Corrosion control - The BacComber Magnetite Generator promotes the formation of magnetite (Fe3O4). Unlike common red rust (Fe2O3), this black magnetite layer adheres strongly to the steel surfaces and protect the base steel from further corrosion.

Microbiological control - When bacteria are subjected to BacComber treated water, it becomes difficult to multiply via fission. Hence, the bacteria growth rate is controlled.

ULF Emitters are now used to control bacteria and algae. There is no consumable needed now.